Your Flora Symbiotic Herbal Supplements

Our ‘Your Flora’ Symbiotic collection provides a complete and natural support for your gut flora. Each product is 100% natural, fermentation activated and organically certified by the Soil Association.


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Our unique fermented Kefi-soyaTM is what makes our symbiotics so special. Made with fermented non-GMO organic soy milk they provide everything nature can offer to support your unique gut flora. This includes microbes, colonising factors, a supportive environment  and  all  the  necessary  nutrients  such  as  L-glutamine,  L-glycine,  L-proline,  neurotransmitters,  short  chain  fatty  acids,  nucleotides,  antioxidants,  peptides,  vitamins,  minerals,  co-factors,  plus  numerous  enzymes to optimise gut health.

Each of our products has been formulated with specific herbs and foods for targeted actions including chamomile, baobab, turmeric aloe vera and peppermint.

Our Symbiotics are made with 35 beneficial strains of microorganisms to seed and nourish your gut flora. They provide the ultimate environment for the growth of good bacteria, help to encourage diversity and establish a healthy gut.

Unlike other probiotics our Symbiotics do not need to be refrigerated and each one is suitable for vegans, organically certified by the Soil Association and 100% natural.

We never add any excipients, additives, binders or fillers to any of our products.