Alive Fermented Herbal Food Supplements

Our Alive Collection of kefir-kombucha fermented products has been inspired by the herbal remedies from those civilisations before us. Using ancient, traditional recipes that have been passed down for generations, we have blended together the finest organic ingredients and fermented them using our exclusive kefir-kombucha fermentation process.

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We use a unique fermentation process to increase the nutrient levels of our herbs, Turmeric, Maca, Rhodiola, Holy Basil and Ashwagandha, enhancing their effects and aiding their absorption. They are rich in enzymes and microflora and are delivered as a whole living food matrix so you get a natural, effective product that works intuitively with your body.

We ferment our products naturally using a 30 day small batch fermentation process with 35 beneficial strains of microorganisms, this is then carefully freeze dried to maintain optimal nutritional value.

All of our products are organically certified by the Soil Association, free from excipients, additives, binders and fillers and are suitable for vegans.