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Optimise your Detoxification with Regenesis

In our fast paced world, we are constantly bombarded with toxins, from the food and water we consume to the air we breathe. Our bodies even produce toxins as part of normal metabolism which also have to be eliminated. We have adapted and evolved to become efficient at this detoxification process, however if our inner ecosystem is out of balance the liver can become overwhelmed in its ability to clear toxins.

The liver is our major organ of detoxification, and even minor impairments in its function can put pressure on other organs of elimination (skin, kidneys, lungs) and cause potential issues. Our liver produces bile which carries toxic substances and delivers them for excretion. Bile also stimulates peristalsis, helping food to move through our digestive systems. This helps support digestive regularity which is key in the elimination of toxins, as if fat soluble toxins are not eliminated properly they will be reabsorbed and recirculate in the body.

While the liver is the primary site for detoxification inside the body, the gut is the primary route of entry for toxic compounds. Our digestive lining is critical for blocking the entry of potentially harmful substances, and any damage to the lining allows substance to leak into the bloodstream, bypassing the process of detoxification that would normally be carried out by cells within our gut and placing huge stress on the liver.

While our gut lining is important for detoxification, our microbes also play a key role. Good bacteria help to break down toxic man-made chemicals which the body is either incapable of, or finds difficult to defend itself from. Certain strains of bacteria have been shown to have the ability to bind and detoxify heavy metals that can accumulate in the body (1;2). Other strains have been shown to reduce absorption and facilitate excretion of Bisphenol A (BPA) an endocrine disruptor found in plastics which can also build up in the body (3).

If we want to promote optimal detoxification the first step is to support the gut. If we have a healthy microbiome we can restore the ability of the liver to detoxify. Fermented symbiotics contain both pre-and probiotics and provide a living food matrix with everything needed to support our gut environment and help the microbes to survive and colonise. They provide a rich diversity of microorganisms and key digestive nutrients to improve the ecosystem of the intestinal tract and support good digestive function to ensure optimal detoxification.

Our Kefir-Kombucha fermented Your Flora Regenesis contains powerful herbs alongside symbiotics to support our detoxification pathways. Artichoke has been prized for centuries as a potent liver and blood cleanser. It contains cynarin which is an antioxidant compound which aids the liver in producing bile which as mentioned previously is important for the digestion of fats as well as flushing toxins out of the liver. It also contains silymarin which is a flavonoid that aids in the protection of liver cells and cell membranes. These compounds have superior detoxification capabilities. Artichoke is also a source of inulin which is prebiotic and feeds the good bacteria in our digestive tract.

Chicory is another herb that is a rich source of inulin; These prebiotics stimulate the growth and activity of good bacteria in the digestive system and as a source of dietary fibre help to support digestive regularity and maintain bacterial balance. Chicory has a long history as a cleansing medicinal herb, it protects the liver and supports the breakdown of fats by increasing bile flow. Studies highlight its ability to protect against chemical induced free radical damage, and suggest it has a potential clinical impact on detoxification systems (4).

Optimal detoxification starts with supporting our gut health and the integrity of our intestinal barrier. Our Regenesis fermented supplements provide all the building blocks to re-establish a healthy digestive ecosystem, restore the livers ability to detoxify and regenerate our health.

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