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New Year, New You? Top Tips for Health in 2019

Happy New Year! Here at Living Nutrition, we aren’t fans of resolutions, we think that if you want to set some goals or change your life then you should go ahead and do it. However, we think making a commitment to small changes can make a huge difference to your health, life and the world around you too, so here are some of our top tips for health in 2019:

Be kind to yourself: Put yourself first more often, learn when to say no if it’s negatively affecting your health and well-being. Stop criticising yourself, and speaking to yourself whether internally or out loud in a way you would never speak to other people

Gratitude: Keep a gratitude journal, and write in it every morning or evening to remind yourself of all the things you have to be thankful for- however small they may be.

Put the planet first: Make a commitment to doing more things to help the environment this year, whether shopping local, reducing plastic consumption, or reducing your meat intake.

Detach from your devices: Take time away from your devices, whether it’s one day a week or a week every few months it’s good to put the phone away, stop scrolling social media and spend quality time with those around you without distractions.

Sleep more: Get more restorative sleep. Many restorative and vital functions happen when we are in deep sleep. Sleep deprivation is a huge risk factor for many chronic diseases, so set a good sleep hygiene routine.

Functional Foods: Adding a little herbal or fungi support can really help to bring you back into balance and optimise your health and wellbeing. Our herbal supplements feature kefir-kombucha fermented herbs like turmeric, holy basil and ashwagandha as well as medicinal mushrooms like cordyceps and reishi which provide a whole range of nutrients and are great additions to your daily health routine.

Let us know what small changes you plan to make to support your health in 2019…

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