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Meet the Herbs: Artichoke

Herbs and medicinal plants have long been used to optimise overall health and well-being, and in this series we will take a deeper look at some of our favourite herbs for supporting health, like Artichoke which you can find in our Regenesis fermented supplements. Artichoke is a perennial plant of the sunflower family, and is often consumed as a food. It has been prized for centuries as a potent liver and blood cleanser.


Artichoke is a plant with a long history, ancient Romans and Greeks cultivated it as a food crop for centuries, and it was considered to be a delicacy and aphrodisiac. It is thought to have originated in Morocco or the Canary islands, and is now grown on a large scale globally. The leaves are mostly used in herbal medicine, with the hearts mainly used as food. It was traditionally used to support healthy urine flow and normal functioning of the digestive tract and liver, as well as supporting healthy skin, bile flow and cholesterol metabolism.


Artichoke leaves contain a number of phenolic acids, flavonoids, cynarin and sesquiterpenes amongst other compounds. Cyanrin and chlorogenic acids are what gives it its liver supporting properties, protecting the liver cells from damage caused by free radicals, heavy alcohol consumption and other toxins. It is also a source of inulin which is prebiotic and feeds the good bacteria in our digestive tract.


Artichoke has long been used for liver and gallbladder diseases. It stimulates the production of bile in the liver, and its flow into the duodenum, which helps to bind and excrete fats and cholesterol from the body. It strengthens the absorption of nutrients from food and digestion of fat and can be used for constipation caused by poor liver function. It can also support digestive health, relieve digestive symptoms, support friendly gut bacteria and improve fat digestion. It is antispasmodic, so may relieve symptoms of IBS like muscle spasms, bloating and gas, as well as reducing inflammation.

Who should use?

Artichoke supports digestive health and can help those suffering from indigestion, bloating, nausea and IBS. It is also useful for sluggish digestion, overindulgence, and liver support. Our kefir-kombucha fermented Regenesis is designed for during or after antibiotics or infection to regenerate the inner environement, as well as for sluggish digestion and overindulgence.

Artichoke should be avoided in those with allergies to artichoke, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and those with bile duct obstructions, or gallstones.

How to use

Start with one-two capsules of Your Flora Regenesis a day, this can be increase to two-three capsules a day if needed.

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